Smartify is the first, one-of-a-kind online home automation store in India. They provide personalised home automation solutions and cater a wide array of reputed brands.
They needed a brochure that could best represent their brand image, while having a minimalistic look-and-feel. 

I came up with a design for them from the scratch, and the end-result was simply amazing. My client loved it. Read more about them, here: 

For better view go to my behance Project is a USA based online store was created by a young team of entrepreneurs who has expert knowledge on food and beverage industry and keen on introducing products at affordable prices to customers with all income groups. I do this Cookies promotional design for them and they are very happy with it.

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Roth & Lawrence is a global consulting company based in the United States of America. I did some promotional designs for them and they are happy with my service.

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CFH Clearing is one of the most respected and reputable STP venues for Tier 1 liquidity in the world, having established relationships with banks, brokers and professional traders across the globe.

I did a Roll Up Stand Banner Design for them and they are very happy with my service.

I did this Promotional Flyer & a Reception Menu Design for Shians Wellness Center 

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I did some stationery and promotional designs for ​Havelock Bay and they are 100% satisfied with my service.

Wedding stationery design for Peter and Helen. Celebrated on the 12th June 2016,
Peter and Helen held their wedding at the Waiheke Island.

Pieces included in the stationery set were:

- Tri-Fold Invitation
- Gift Card
- Bi-Fold Accommodation
- Bi-Fold Questionnaire

Aqua Green Services was created by environmentally concious hospitality professionals. With more than 45 years of combined experience, They kept looking for a better way to clean.  I did a Trifold brochure for them. My client loved the design and left a 5-star feedback.

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HC24 is a nationwide healthcare staffing provider in the UK that provides quintessential medical workforce solutions.
I have made a landscape brochure design for them, they are 100% satisfied with my service. 
Hope you will also like it.